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Kidney Disease

Education is a key component of kidney care for patients and their families. We offer one-on-one, interactive educational sessions in our Patient Education Center. Patients and their family members connect with one of our nurse practitioners or physician assistants who provide customized kidney disease education and discussion of individual health care needs. Our providers listen and answer questions to support the patient and seek to optimize kidney functioning as much as possible throughout life. Family members, significant others and/or caregivers are welcome and encouraged to attend education sessions with our patients. Please ask your physician, provider or call our office for more information.

Anemia And
Iron Clinic

Anemia is a common problem in patients with chronic kidney disease. Most patients who develop chronic kidney disease will become anemic at some point and may require a medication called Aranesp. Aranesp is a subcutaneous injection given every 2 weeks or monthly in our office to help the body produce red blood cells. Your physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner will tell you at what point you may need to start Aranesp therapy. Patients are followed closely by the nurses in the clinic and doses are given appropriately based on patients’ hemoglobin levels

If you have any question about anemia or feel that maybe you should be on this medication, please talk to your physician or nurse practitioner regarding this.

Another part of chronic kidney disease care relates to iron levels in the body. Your provider may refer you to our iron clinic in order to maintain iron levels. Our nurses administer a drug called Venofer, to stabilize iron levels in the body through intravenous infusion.

Blood Pressure And
Patient Teaching RN


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